hydraulic hoses and Components in salem, or

In-House Machining and Welding.

All repairs are done in-house to insure quality control. Using a vast network of parts dealers around the northwest, as well as around the country, we can save you time and money in getting your piece of equipment up and running again with the least amount of downtime.

Large Inventory of Hoses and Fittings.

We have a complete cylinder repair department with custom machining and welding and a 14,000 foot pound torque bench to handle some of the biggest jobs. All cylinder repairs are tested to insure safety and quality. We also can build custom cylinders to meet your application if purchasing new is not an option. Accumulators are also repaired and charged in this department.
Our pump, motor and valve department can repair or replace gear, vane or piston pumps and motors. Valves are torn down, inspected and repaired as well. We work on all makes and models. Hydrostatic pumps and motors are also rebuilt at our facility. With our Lapmaster lapping machine we can often repair plates, barrels and pistons, saving time and money over replacement. We use only quality parts on all our repairs and they are tested with our diesel-powered hydrostatic pump tester.

Repair and Return Policy

  1. Give us a call and we will discuss if we can repair your unit.
  2. Send us your item and mark it so we know you want a quote for repair.
  3. We will take apart your unit and find the issue in most cases at no charge.
  4. We will contact you and let you know what repair is needed and give you a quote. At this time we will also talk about a timeline for completing the repair.
  5. You approve the repair and give us the green light to get started.